16 maio, 2008

lou & laurie

How did you meet Lou Reed?

I met him in Munich with something John Zorn was doing. We
lived close to each other [in New York] but never met and this
was a great music festival... and Lou said, "Would you do some-
thing on one of my songs," and I said, "Yeah, sure," and after I
did that he said: "You do it as well as I would." And I said, "OK,
thank you" - I guess that's the highest compliment available.

What's it like to perform music together?

It's wonderful playing with him and he's really been so helpful
on Homeland, came in and listened to people play and said,
"Don't do that, do that, check that out." He's the coach.

What was the song he asked you to play?

Do you know, I've forgotten! It was 16 years ago. It was one
of those long kind of story things, you know,and there I was,
a non-singer working with another non-singer. We're going
to do our first collaboration - an opera - it's going to be happe-
ning in Salzburg in about a year. I'm really excited.

Do you see yourself as one of the 100 top women in rock?

Rock? All right!! I don't see myself as anything in particular.
I don't step aside and try to make a bilboard version iof my
face. I would prefer to be invisible.

(excerto de uma pequena entrevista com Laurie Anderson,
publicada na revista "Mojo")

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Blogger LM,paris disse...

Bonsoir francisco,
nao sabia como eles se tinham encontrado,merci.
O Lou reed entrou-me um dia pelo loft onde eu vivia em Ny...e mais tarde encontrei-os os dois, Lou and Laurie no Bam, num oppening nigth Butho dance...jà foi hà muitos anos, quando vivia nessa cidade incrivel NY, onde cruzamos people like them.
Lou é timido e gosta de gatos...adoro a musica dos dois.Ouvi-a em concerto numa gala em Ny , para angariar fundos para o Tibete:Ginsberg, Glass, Laurie, ...
merci por este seu post. abraço de Paris

26 maio, 2008 02:14  
Blogger francisco carvalho disse...

Ai, Lidia, que inveja de si!

Obrigado pelos seus comentários.
Espero que as suas palavras dancem por aqui mais vezes.

11 junho, 2008 01:03  

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