13 agosto, 2006

bright green

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"Looking out. I'm watching out. But when I see the future,
I close my eyes. I can see it now."

(retirado de Excellent Birds, canção de Laurie Anderson do álbum
Mister Heartbreak)

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Blogger Fernando Moreira disse...

grande foto!

13 agosto, 2006 11:58  
Blogger Mendes Ferreira disse...

enorme verde....

e mt. bom gosto. como sempre. F.


13 agosto, 2006 21:51  
Blogger 100%-american-redbone hound-dog disse...

years ago,one after noon I returned to my residence in Santa Rosa...CA...and I do not know what network it was on, I feel that it was not early MTV...but there was this incredible video of Laurie Anderson...such a creative genius...her voice is ultimate...I only saw the video once...maybe it was sent from the heavens direct to my tv, just for me to see...years later, I would go down to Castro and watch this young woman play the piano on the street...never knew her name...I felt as if it was Laurie Herself...this was the beauty of much of the bay area...my blog is roscoebeauregard.blogspot.com....my verse is earth based....thanks for being aware of Laurie.......

19 agosto, 2006 04:03  

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