18 maio, 2010

também confesso a obsessão adolescente

Talvez seja uma fraqueza, talvez seja um pouco doentio,
não sei, mas também gostava de lá estar...


"[...] I bought Unknown Pleasures, Joy Division's first album,
with its iconic Peter Saville cover of the first discovered
pulsar radiating against a black background. The record
was thick vinyl and felt important under my arm as I
made my way to the bus stop. I played the album several
times that night, the next night, and for months after that.
From the opening drums, rising-falling bass and mesmeric
vocals of Disorder ("I've been waiting for a guide to come
and take me by the hand") to the lost-in-a-city soundscape
of Interzone ("I was looking for a friend of mine"), I found
words and music that spoke directly to my sense of
estrangement. So began an intense relationship with the
desperately visceral yet strangely life-affirming music of
Joy Division.[...]
"[...] I wore black shirts and lapels covered in Joy Division
badges; the obligatory trenchcoat soon followed. [...]"

James Hopkin, "Guardian"

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